12 best coffee grinders for home

12 best coffee grinders for home

Rating of the best coffee grinders for home, equipped with millstones and a rotary knife. All their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a comparative analysis of popular models that have recently entered the market.

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Which coffee grinder is better to buy for home

Coffee grinders can be manual or electric. The first, the most budget option, is suitable for those who drink coffee infrequently. The second is chosen by large families or those who value their time.

Depending on the type of cutting element, coffee grinders can be millstone or rotary. The first type is characterized by a more uniform grinding, since the grains are ground using conical or cylindrical disks (millstones).

As a rule, such electric grinders are equipped with various additional functions:

  • Automatic adjustment of the grinding degree;
  • Setting the number of servings;
  • Timer;
  • Forming ground coffee into “tablets” for coffee machines;
  • Removable hopper for coffee.

Unlike millstones, rotary coffee grinders grind grains using two knives. They can not boast of perfect uniformity of grinding, and the degree of grinding here depends only on how long the user will keep the device turned on. But such devices differ in a more affordable price and compact dimensions, which means that they are quite suitable for making coffee in a drip coffee maker or Turk.

Espresso lovers should pay attention to millstones, as they are easier to adjust the necessary degree of grinding.

Electric coffee grinders can vary greatly in engine power. The larger it is, the faster the device works and the greater the load it can withstand. For infrequent home use, up to 200 W is sufficient.

Also important is the capacity of the coffee grinder, that is, how many grains it is able to grind at a time. On average, you need up to 10 g of coffee per serving. At the same time, do not forget that over time, ground grains lose their flavor. Therefore, you do not need to buy too roomy mills and make preparations for a month: it is better to grind coffee every day, at most – for a week ahead.

Best manual coffee grinders for home

It is believed that the most delicious coffee is obtained if you grind it in a hand-made melon. It is the slow grinding of the grains that preserves their flavor as much as possible. In addition, many believe that manual processing of grains fills them with warmth. However, manual coffee grinders are still in demand, despite the rich selection of electrical appliances. They allow you to grind 1-2 portions of grains in 3-5 minutes.

Gipfel Kolonna – original manual coffee grinder

Gipfel Kolonna-original manual coffee grinder

The product is made in a classic style with a touch of retro. The body of the coffee grinder is made of natural wood. It not only decorates the device but also preserves the delicate aroma of freshly ground grains.

This coffee grinder is better not to wash with detergents, especially since it is perfectly cleaned with ordinary water. A reliable cutting mechanism and a convenient handle make the grinding process easy and fun.


  • Original design;
  • The case made of natural wood;
  • Strong cutting elements made of steel;
  • Comfortable handle.


  • High price.

Gipfel Kolonna will not only grind coffee beans efficiently, but also decorate your kitchen. It will also be an original gift for a true coffee lover.

Fissman 8250-practical, but “gentle ” mill

Fissman 8250-practical

The compact coffee grinder has a simple modern design, but is equipped with a reliable ceramic grinding mechanism. This material is not heated during the grinding process and does not change the taste of the drink.

The case is made of stainless steel, which means that it is not afraid of falling and washing in the dishwasher. The lower part of the device is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to monitor the degree of coffee grinding.


  • Discreet design;
  • Robust metal housing;
  • Reliable grinding mechanism;
  • Transparent container for ground coffee;
  • Possibility of cleaning in the dishwasher.


  • It does not grind anything harder than coffee beans and can break down from this.

The Fissman 8250 is a compact home appliance that can be used to grind a single portion of coffee beans, preserving the maximum taste and aroma in them.

Best rotary coffee grinders for home

Electric coffee grinders with rotary knives have a low cost and compact size. If you do not care about the uniformity of grinding and the ability to create granules of a certain size, then this type of equipment is quite suitable. Moreover, the degree of grinding can be adjusted by the operating time of the coffee grinder.

Bork J500-reliable and stylish

Bork J500-reliable and stylish

In addition to its stylish appearance, this coffee grinder is distinguished by its functionality. The mill is equipped with two knives and two removable bowls. They are designed for grinding hard and soft foods: for example, for tomatoes or herbs for the sauce.

The body of the coffee grinder is made of stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher. A special compartment is provided for storing the power cord.


  • 2 knives included;
  • 2 removable bowls;
  • Disabling when the cover is removed;
  • Compartment for cord;
  • The ability to wash in the dishwasher.


  • High price.

The Bork J500 coffee grinder is useful not only for grinding coffee, but also will replace your kitchen chopper, as it is suitable for grinding any products.

Redmond RCMG-CB1604 – affordable coffee grinder with pulse mode

Redmond RCMG-CB1604

The coffee grinder has an original design, and its stainless steel body is painted in bronze color. The safety of using the device is ensured by blocking in case of overheating and protection against accidental activation.

At the same time, the lid is securely fixed on the body, which prevents it from opening during grinding. Pulse mode also provides more uniform grinding and reduces the load on the engine of the coffee grinder.


  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Pulse operation;
  • Overheating protection;
  • Reliable fixation of the cover;
  • Affordable price.


  • Mechanical control.

The RCG-CBM1604 coffee grinder from Redmond is designed for efficient grinding of up to 5-6 servings of coffee, as well as various spices and nuts.

Bosch TSM6A011W – compact and fast

Bosch TSM6A011W

Just 30 seconds – and several servings of freshly ground coffee are ready. Bosch perfectly copes with its purpose and allows you to grind grains directly into the filter of the coffee maker, as it has a special holder.

The device is protected from engine overheating by a locking system that will stop its operation in case of excessive load. A smooth start will extend the service life of the electrical and mechanical parts.


  • Affordable price;
  • Quick grinding;
  • Overheating protection;
  • Smooth start of the engine;
  • Grinding into a filter;
  • Compact size;
  • Electronic and mechanical control.


  • Plastic case.

Inexpensive, but effective coffee grinder TSM6A011W from Bosch will allow you to grind up to 8 servings of coffee at a time.

Best millstone coffee grinders for home

The presence of millstones allows you to evenly grind not only coffee beans but also other solid products, such as cereals into flour or sugar into powder. As a rule, such mills automatically support the set degree of grinding and can have a good set of additional functions.

Polaris PCG 1620 – super reliable and functional

Polaris PCG 1620

This electric grinder will easily grind coffee for any taste and for any coffee maker. The presence of 12 degrees of grinding will allow you to choose the best option, and the portion controller will allow you to grind coffee for several cups at once (from 2 to 12). In this case, the machine will automatically shut down, even if the grain compartment is completely filled.

The plastic container for ground coffee is equipped with a lid – you can safely store the finished product in it. Removable stainless steel millstones make it easier to clean the coffee grinder, and rubberized legs ensure the stability of the device during operation.


  • 12 degrees of grinding;
  • Serving dosage;
  • Pulse mode of operation;
  • Grind directly into the coffee maker filter;
  • Sleep timer;
  • Compartment for the cord.


  • You can not grind coffee only for 1 Cup – at least two.

Whether you are brewing coffee in a Turk or a coffee maker, Polaris PCG 1620 will grind the coffee beans to the optimal size for you.

KitchenAid Artisan 5KCG0702EER is a powerful millstone coffee grinder

KitchenAid Artisan 5KCG0702EER

A cast metal case in red, black, grey or beige gives the coffee grinder a stylish appearance. And in itself, it is almost unkillable. Glass containers for storing coffee beans and ground coffee do not affect its taste and look like new for a long time – unlike plastic that gradually fades due to scratches.

The presence of 8 grinding stages is complemented by settings for the rotation speed of the millstones for even more efficient grinding. Thus, low speeds preserve more flavor in the grains, while high speeds speed up the cooking process.


  • The two-level setting of the grinding degree;
  • Strong, stable housing;
  • Glass coffee container;
  • Spoon and cleaning brush included;
  • Cool design and a variety of colors.


  • There is no setting of the grinding portions.

Artisan coffee grinder from KitchenAid is suitable not only for the home but also for a small coffee shop.

Melitta Molino – the most customizable mill

Melitta Molino

Any degree of grinding of grains from coarse to very fine – it is possible to obtain with this grinder. It is easy to operate, has a low noise level and is able to work independently: the user does not have to hold the power button while the millstones are spinning.

The plastic parts of the device are flush with each other, eliminating the spillage of coffee. The container for crushed grain has its own lid, which allows you to store the finished product here. The coffee grinder automatically turns off after making the necessary amount of coffee and also has protection against overheating and accidental activation.


  • 17 stages of grinding;
  • Coffee container with lid;
  • Serving dosage;
  • Timer;
  • Cable storage compartment;
  • Removable millstones.


  • No cleaning brush included.

With the Molino coffee grinder from Melitta, you can easily grind coffee for 1-2 people or for a large company.

Kitfort KT-717 – an inexpensive coffee grinder with large possibilities

Kitfort KT-717

The stylish design of this mill is successfully combined with its functionality. The presence of 18 degrees of grinding will make it possible to make perfect preparations for making delicious coffee in a Turk, French press or any coffee machine.

The fully collapsible housing and included brush facilitate the cleaning process. The device is protected from overheating. The maximum working time is 5 minutes, which is enough for making ground coffee even for a large company.


  • Affordable price;
  • 18 degrees of grinding;
  • Collapsible housing;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Overheating protection.


  • Not critical, but a higher noise level.

Kitfort KT-717 is a budget and reliable coffee grinder that is suitable for both one person and a large family of coffee drinkers.

Best coffee grinders for a home with increased productivity

Semi-professional mills have more capacious coffee containers, so they are actively used not only in public institutions but also at home. They allow you to grind a large number of grains at a time – this is important for those who prefer to stock up on ground coffee in advance or plan to often grind other ingredients (flour, powdered sugar, nuts, etc.).

Fiorenzato F4 E Nano – mega function coffee grinder

Fiorenzato F4 E Nano

This electronic coffee grinder is characterized by high performance and functionality. It is equipped with a touch-screen display that displays all operating modes, including the temperature and humidity of ground grain. You can also track statistics on the amount of coffee consumed per day, for a week, or for the entire time since the purchase of the coffee grinder.

This is one of the few models that dispenses coffee not by grinding time, but by weight-to the nearest gram. The professional millstones used to ensure even grinding and work relatively quietly. The noise level of the device is 65 dB, while analogs emit at least 75 dB.

For an additional fee, you can buy a tank with a reduced volume (up to 250 g of grains), a side tamper and a metal Temperer for forming coffee “tablets” for coffee machines.


  • Touchscreen display;
  • Statistics of ground coffee;
  • Dosage by gram;
  • Diagnostics of the temperature and humidity of raw materials;
  • Low noise;
  • Stand to grind in the portafilter;
  • Enlarged metal millstones.


  • Large dimensions and weight.

Semi-professional coffee grinder Fiorenzato F4 E Nano will be appreciated by true coffee lovers who know a lot about making the right coffee and drinks based on it.

Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand – the choice of professionals

Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand

Thanks to the spacious grain hopper, this coffee grinder can grind not only coffee but also a large stock of flour, spices, nut crumbs or powdered sugar. The model is equipped with a micrometric adjustment system that allows you to smoothly adjust the degree of grinding.

The coffee grinder has a multi-function display that displays modes and statistics and allows you to adjust the operation with a single touch. The presence of a filter holder allows you to grind coffee directly into the filter for the coffee machine.


  • LCD display;
  • Smooth adjustment of the grinding degree;
  • Filter holder;
  • Led;
  • Large grain storage tank;
  • High power operation.


  • Dearness.

This coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee beans for both domestic and professional coffee makers.

DeLonghi KG521.M – compact but effective coffee grinder

DeLonghi KG521.M

The scale of adjustment of the degree of grinding and the required amount of coffee makes this coffee maker convenient and practical to use. 18 grinding modes allow you to configure the optimal version of grains for both the Turkish or French press, and for a professional coffee maker-regardless of its operating principle.

The model is protected from overheating and has a system for locking the engine in the absence of tightness. The included brush and removable elements of the device simplify the care of the machine.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Affordable price;
  • 18 degrees of grinding;
  • Timer;
  • LCD display.


  • Too noisy.

Coffee grinder KG521.M from DeLonghi is an option for those who often drink coffee and experiment a lot with its recipes.

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