Best smart teapots

Best smart teapots

Smart technologies are rapidly advancing — and are already being used even for ordinary tea drinking. Kettles with remote control will become a functional attribute in any kitchen. The 2020 ranking shows the best smart dummies that use technologies with a built-in program and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to operate the device.

smart teapots

Smart kettle which company is better to choose

The development of innovative instruments is engaged not so many companies. Manufacturers offer smart teapots lamps, models with a display or supporting heat. There is a technique that combines several functions at once. Before choosing a kettle, you should study the rating of popular brands:

  • MeiLing is a well-known brand from China. The company offers high-quality stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • Smarter – English brand provides stylish equipment. The technique has a lot of functionality.
  • Redmond RK is a Russian brand that belongs to the St. Petersburg company Technopoisk. The company produces different types of household appliances. The products are assembled in China, but the build quality is high.
  • Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer of smart gadgets. The company adopts the latest technologies from leading companies, while prices remain low.
  • Element is a company that uses unique automation solutions and innovative technologies for machinery.
  • Kitfort is a brand from Russia that offers a selection of smart home appliances. A special feature of the company is quality control at factories.
  • Viommi V is a subsidiary of Xiaomi. The company produces high-quality gadgets and appliances for the home.

Rating of smart dummies

Purchasing an electric kettle is a good solution for both home and office. The device allows you to quickly boil water and use a large number of functions. Selecting the nominees, the experts carefully found out which smart kettle is better. After all, the rating was based on user reviews and test results. When compiling the Top, the necessary characteristics were also taken into account:

  • Container. The choice of equipment depends on the required amount of hot water. For example, for a small family, a volume of up to two liters is sufficient;
  • Material. A practical and lightweight material is plastic. Metal products are characterized by high strength and durability. The glass case looks stylish and original;
  • Types of heating elements. There are open and closed;
  • Power. This parameter affects the speed of water heating. The optimal value is 850-1500 W.

Manufacturers equip the equipment with additional features. This can be a mechanism with a temperature sensor, a special indicator, and a temperature controller. You can learn about useful options from reviews about the smart teapot.

Best smart teapots

It is unlikely that you can find an ideal model for boiling water, because each device has not only positive but also negative sides. In addition, what is best for one user will not be enough for another. Electric smart kettles differ in the abundance of different programs. The review presents 7 models with an optimal set of characteristics. The smart device can be controlled at a distance, and the smart model will tell you what temperature the water is, how long to boil, and even the usual time.

MeiLing MH1802
The case is made of stainless steel, which has excellent insulation. The device is completely safe. Automatic heating of the pallet is provided. The capacity of 1.5 liters is well suited for use in a large family. The structure is equipped with a rubber base with non-slip properties. A comfortable and ergonomic handle is available. The device has an option for automatically turning off the power. The MeiLing MH1802 also provides a closed spiral. It can be installed on the stand in any position.

MeiLing MH1802


  • Capacious capacity;
  • High power;
  • Durability;
  • Using high-quality material.


  • Cleaning is required.

Periodically, you need to clean the kettle. The container should be filled with water with vinegar, which must be maintained for an hour. Then the liquid is drained, and in a bowl, you need to boil clean water several times, then drain.

The Smarter iKettle 2.0
The kettle from Smarter is an excellent helper in everyday life. It is easy to manage from anywhere in the house, with one-touch operation. To do this, install a special app on your phone. The device has a frosted stainless steel case. The control panel is convenient. There is a backlit button on it. And on the handle, there is a button for opening the device. The hardware is compatible with Android and IOS. There are four temperature modes. You can prepare black, green tea and coffee. It is also possible to use the auto-heating option.

The Smarter iKettle 2.0


  • Availability of a water level sensor;
  • The ability to customize the temperature;
  • Alarm;
  • Support for water temperature.


  • Not detected.

Users are attracted by the ability to schedule water heating for a certain time. To do this, you need to sync the app on your phone with your device. When the water boils, the alarm will ring.

Redmond RK-G240S
The stainless steel body of the device looks stylish and is resistant to external damage. And the handles are made of high-strength plastic. There are water level indicators on both sides. The power button is supplemented with a special backlight. For safety, it is provided to block the activation of an empty device. For the device to work, you need to connect a special application. There is a motion and smoke sensor available. The quality of the equipment is confirmed by certificates. Controllers provide from 12 thousand boiling cycles.

Redmond RK-G240S


  • Good build quality;
  • Special indicators;
  • Using the backlight;
  • Roomy tank.


  • The case is heated.

A smart Redmond teapot should be placed so that the body can not be touched by a child. Special stands allow you to easily place the device and rotate it 360 degrees. There is a choice of temperature mode.

Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth
This smart kettle with bluetooth features a minimalistic design. For safety, the auto-disconnect function is provided. When the required temperature is reached, the device turns off. There is a sound signal that sounds after heating. The case is made in white, and the stand is in black. Inside the stand, there is a special niche where you can remove the wire. The device is equipped with a steel flask. It does not have a water level sensor or a descaling filter. Two touch buttons are located in the lower part of the design. To manage from a smartphone, you need to install the MiHome utility.

Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth


  • Support temperature up to 12 hours;
  • Case made of durable plastic;
  • Control from a smartphone;
  • Touch control.


  • The case of failure.

When you press the button, the lid opens 45 degrees, and then you can open it more. The device requires special care. It has to be washed with the use of diluted acetic acid.

Element El’kettle WF11MB/MW
The advanced device has temperature support. The power of the equipment is 2400 W, and the capacity is 1.7 liters. The case is made of heat-resistant glass and high-quality metal. This version of the best smart dummies involves the use of five modes. The design has a touch control and temperature control. The glossy stand is complemented by a backlight. On the scale, you can see the parameters of the current temperature. The handle is protected by a silicone coating.

Element El'kettle WF11MB/MW


  • The mechanism of temperature regulation;
  • Convenient spout;
  • Availability of filters;
  • Transparent designs.


  • It does not rotate on the stand.

Users are attracted by the smooth opening mechanism of the lid and the viewing window. The device has a filter that protects it from the scale.

Kitfort KT-633
The device is suitable for boiling water in offices, at home, and in the country. A small power consumption of 2150 W allows you to use the device in rooms with weak wiring. The design is a combination of metal and plastic. A measuring scale is located on the side. A disk heater is used as a heating element. Kitfort KT-633 is equipped with a cord compartment and a water level indicator. There is also a special protection system with auto-off. The technique is characterized by simple control.

Kitfort KT-633


  • Elegant appearance;
  • Convenient spout;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Possibility of heating to the required temperature.


  • Easily gets dirty.

Kitfort KT-633 allows you to save energy, as you can set the shutdown time. Users note the rapid heating of the water in the device and the silent opening of the lid.

Viomi V-SK152B Electric Kettle EU Plug
The device is equipped with a multi-function OLED display. You can select the heating mode that is reflected on the screen. There is an option to support the desired temperature. The water warms up quickly due to a large heating element. The structure is equipped with special protection against water contact with electricity. If there is no water, an automatic shutdown is triggered. The wire is also protected from water. The teapot displays the actual temperature. The device is made of high-quality materials. The boiling time is 4-6 minutes. Additional options are available.

Viomi V-SK152B Electric Kettle EU Plug


  • There are 4 operating modes available;
  • Convenient control panel;
  • Temperature selection;
  • Quiet heating.


  • High price.

You can set up an individual mode in the app. Customers like the stylish design and extensive functionality.

Which smart kettle is better to buy

An important parameter for choosing equipment is the price. You can buy a cheap construction made of high-quality plastic. For those who choose a device made of environmentally friendly materials, you can pay attention to stainless steel models. A review of the best models of dummies is useful for getting acquainted with the characteristics of the models you are interested in.

  • Models with an external thermometer should include Kitfort KT-633;
  • Element El’kettle WF11MB/MW has a large selection of modes;
  • The elegant design is emphasized by the Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth;
  • High-power model-Redmond RK-G240S;
  • If you need to buy an electric kettle with a filter system, a good option is Smarter iKettle 2.0;
  • Models with a display include the Viomi V-SK152B Electric Kettle EU Plug.

Also in demand are devices with double walls and art Nouveau design, with a transparent glass case.

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